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When you grow up

July 28, 2011

when you grow up, every things is so not like when you just a child, even you only twelve. in that age, you will know how to choose your favorite dress, favorite food, and maybe your favorite guy. somtimes, you think your parents is not understand any thing about you. they think you just a child, like kissing or like playing dolls. but you so wrong cause with your parents, you just still only a kid and always like that. when you grow up more, you will know that if don’t have they you will not be like this. and somtimes, who knows, maybe you will thank you them for that.


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  1. duog nhin rùi, mày con nít cái j, con nít mak nghe nhạc rock ầm ầm dzay mới lạ

  2. eh đi chết đi nhaz. con ngọc nhi cũng thế seo chửi có mình toa vậy. mày đúng là đồ… đồ ko bít hưởng thụ nhạc rock

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