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Dead for love… Live for love…

August 11, 2011

Every love story doesn’t have to a happy ending or  not happy ending. You can think it two ways. Like the story I’ll tell you. It’s up to you.

Estelle looks out the window,  see the snow falling. This is her second year without Keith. He has gone into the place that Estelle never meet him again. That accident is in the winter, in her birthday. Keith and Estelle met in an exhibit of art photos. Keith is an artist. Estelle is a photograph. They very like the photo “Sad birthday” by Viola Colfer. Then they be come friend, and now is a lover. Two years ago, Keith and Estelle went to buy her birthday cake, they walked on the road, then two guys jumped out and shot Keith, then they took Estelle and Keith’s money, They tried to kill Estelle, but the police come and they ran. Estelle is shock. Her family tried to comfort her, but Estelle don’t want to listen anyone, so they have to give up. The phone ring, Estelle listen :


_Estelle?- A familiar voice say.

_Who’s that?

_Estelle, don’t joke. Is me, Keith.

_Keith?_- Estelle almost drop the phone Keith Anderson?

_Yes. Are you ok?

_No, i am just surprise.

_Good-Keith said-Estelle


_Don’t think about me anymore.

_Why? I love you.

_I don’t want you hurt.

_I don’t hurt Estelle said, with an angry voice

_Yes you are.  Just forget me.

_No i don’t want.

_But you have to.

_No you wrong Estelle said, and she put off the phone.

She sat down on the floor, she just say” You wrong, You wrong”

In the morning, her mother go into her house and try to call her, but she can’t hear Estelle’s answer. She try to find her, and she see that Estelle was dead on the floor, her eyes still open, her mouth just like she try to say something. She dead on her birthday, like Keith. In her funeral, the snow is falling down her r.i.p, like the day Keith gone, forever.


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