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Beautiful rain

September 4, 2011

Last monday, it’s  such a perfect day. I know that this is so crazy, but it’s the best rain I ever know. That is the day that my school talk about our study last week. It’s good, nothing to say much. Then the rain is come. It’s  make us wet and so cold. And then, my friend, Vinh, wear a helmet and raincoat walk in the school yard to arrange our chairs with some teacher. OMG! He wore a helmet when he walk? He is totally nuts! Damn. We try to wait the rain stop, but it still long and long. Then we have to risk. Thien take her raincoat out and me, her and Thao, wear it in. A raincoat and three girls. The teachers look us like:”Are they crazy? They will wet.” Yes they right. But is so great. And fun. When we come out the gate, everyone wet and the yard is so tight, can stand there anymore. So we have to risk again. We go together and put the gate, it’s make me feel happy. I never walk in rain with my friends. It’s will be my greatest memory ever.


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  1. Damn, that rain was fun. It was epic. I got all wet when I came home.

  2. but it still fun

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